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Summer School, June 2009 Photos from the London Pain Consortium Summer School, held 21st-26th June 2009 in El Escorial, Madrid, Spain.

There are currently no summer schools scheduled. Please continue to check the website for updates.
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Ph.D. Positions
Outstanding PhD research opportunities in the London Pain Consortium
The London Pain Consortium offers unrivalled opportunities for PhD research in all aspects of pain. Specimen PhD projects range from the molecular biology of neuronal proteins, through cellular and systems neuroscience, to the behaviour of sensory and pain systems and brain imaging. The supervisors are among the leaders of their fields, using the most modern techniques to address important problems of basic and clinical pain neuroscience. Research labs are well funded, so that PhD students have the best chance of getting off to a productive start in their research.

PhD students joining the consortium will work in a lively and productive research setting and learn the importance of studying the integrated neural function as well as relevant methods of molecular and cell biology. They will develop both practical and theoretical skills within integrated neuroscience in the pursuit of better understanding pain, and also be equipped to exploit future advances in other areas of neurobiological research.