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Summer School, June 2009 Photos from the London Pain Consortium Summer School, held 21st-26th June 2009 in El Escorial, Madrid, Spain.

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Current Research
Pan-DRG neuronal gene ablation for mechanistic studies into neuropathic pain
We are continuing studies on gene ablation in sets of sensory neurons. The present project involved the production of a Cre-ErT2 (tamoxifen-inducible Cre) BAC mouse driven by a pan-DRG neuron promoter for advillin/Pervin in collaboration with Professor Fan Wang (Duke University. We have recently shown that many aspects of neuropathic pain still occurs in the absence of Nav1.8+ nociceptors, but seem to rely on A-fibre associated neurons. The new Cre line should help us ablate candidate drugable channels and receptors implicated in neuropathic pain in appropriate cell types.