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Summer School, June 2009 Photos from the London Pain Consortium Summer School, held 21st-26th June 2009 in El Escorial, Madrid, Spain.

There are currently no summer schools scheduled. Please continue to check the website for updates.
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Ph.D. Positions
4-year PhD studentships
Join the London Pain Consortium's vibrant community of over 20 postgraduate and post doctoral scientists on their well established PhD Programme in Pain Research.

We currently do not have any PhD studentships available.

The Programme

Year one involves a number of neurobiology and bioinformatics courses and the completion of three rotation projects, where a wide range of neuroscience techniques will be learnt. Students then choose a full research project in pain and a supervisor for the subsequent three years from the Consortium and associated laboratories.

All PhD projects involve collaborations between at least two internationally competitive and well-funded laboratories, with topics covering the whole range of neurosciences related to pain mechanisms and their control: molecular biology, cellular mechanisms, intergrated systmes neuroscience and human neurophysiology.

The emphasis of the programme is to integrate these four approaches so the students are equipped to underake cutting edge research that can be translated into a better understanding and treatment of acute and chronic pain.

Further details on structure

There are two Wellcome funded PhD studentships available, with one earmarked for Computational Biology, available in the group of Professor Christine Orengo at UCL.
There are also potential Univeristy funded studentships. more details

All applications will be considered for both schemes.

To apply